The Sinking of Bethany Ann Crane

A country on the cusp of war. A town suspended in time. One girl’s desperate attempt to escape her eternal childhood.

Bethany Ann Crane is a motherless eight-year-old living in Grover Springs, SC at the beginning of the Cold War.

After her patriotic small town agrees to enter into a government experiment geared to give the Americans an edge over the Russians in space, she, along with the rest of the town, is preserved in a scientific stasis state and Bethany Ann becomes ensnared in her pre-adolescent body.

As the girl matures mentally, she experiences more grown up emotions and aspirations, but her family and neighbors refuse to recognize her as anything but a child.

Will her only friend be able to save her? Will Bethany Ann ever be allowed to “come of age?”

The Sinking of Bethany Ann Crane is the gripping story of one girl’s yearning for adulthood in a world where time stands still.


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