How to Sneak More Yoga Into Your Life: A Doable Yoga Plan for Busy People

Too busy for yoga? Think again!

This book is for anyone who wants more yoga in his or her life but just can’t seem to find the time. Don’t worry. You’ll soon see how easy it is to sneak a little yoga in!

Are you a yoga newbie?

This book will give you a simple and doable yoga plan to follow as you begin your yoga journey. You will learn to make your yoga count, minute by minute, without having to rearrange your day.

Experienced practitioner?

This book will encourage you to incorporate yoga into your life away from the mat and embrace your “beginner’s mind.” Got a minute? Make that minute count with yoga!

This book covers:

  • How to find time to practice yoga without having to change anything in your current schedule
  • How to easily identify useful “triggers” and “empty zones”
  • How to figure out WHAT posture to practice, WHEN to practice it, and HOW to practice it
  • How to eliminate excuses
  • How to bust stress with your breath
  • How to improve alertness if you have a desk job
  • How to improve your balance
  • How to release tension in your hips and lower back
  • How to tone and strengthen your legs while improving your posture
  • Over 20 yoga exercises
  • And much more!

This book encourages you to stop talking about yoga and to start DOING yoga instead. What are you waiting for? This book gives you all the tools you need to “sneak” a little yoga into your life. Click the Amazon button at the top of this page to order your copy today!

Available in Kindle, paperback, and Audible


How to Sneak More Yoga Into Your Life: A Doable Yoga Plan for Busy People (Yoga for Busy People Book 1)

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